Easy-ship drying rack
Saturn Tensor18
Tensor 18 drying rack

Easy-Ship Drying Rack

Formerly sold as the Tensor 18.


     All-steel rack with a heavy-duty angle steel base, and the exclusive tray-lock system for supporting trays in the up position. Each tray is supplied with two rubber spacers. Formerly the Tensor Drying Rack (Tensor 18), the Easy Ship rack is a sturdy, maintenance-free model that includes 40 trays with 1" spacing between them. It ships unassembled.

     Also available in a double sided model. With all the features of the original, this rack provides double the capacity. It measures 54" (137 cm) deep overall, and provides a total of 80 trays. Trays are identical with those of the single-sided model.

Easy-Ship rack

racks ship via parcel service FOB Franlin Park, IL (60131)